Jean Paul Sartre : Conscience, Despair, Anguish, And Abandonment

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Before you can understand what Jean-Paul Sartre refers to as despair, anguish and abandonment, moreover condemned to be free, you should first understand the meaning of subjectivity. Furthermore, you need to understand that individual feelings (sadness, happiness, etc.) are not the objective in Sartre’s reason. Hence, you seem aware of the concept of existence precedes essence, however you abandon the notion of taking responsibilities of your choices by choosing ignorance; in turn, you condemned to your ignorance for you choose not to understand. Subsequently, you are in anguish, for choosing ignorance makes you a mark to your choice, therefore you condemned to your freedom in lieu of choosing ignorance which leads to despair, since you seem to understand but you entrapped to your willingness to ignore. With that said, let us begin with the topic of subjectivity. Sartre defines Subjectivity as man projecting itself into a future, taking responsibility of its own will. Subjectivity is not just man having freedom to choose its essence, is man taking responsibility of its “will”, hence nature vs. nurture-why man choose what it’s wanting to be. You are what you are because of your own choice, therefore you, man or woman, are a project that has a subjective existence. Consequently, even if God existed, it doesn’t matter, you attain your own self existence only when you are what you project yourself to be, not what you would like to be. (Sartre Pg. 23) Furthermore, the…

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