Jean Nidetch, An Jewish American Essay

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Born in Brooklyn in 1927, Jean Nidetch was an Jewish American who struggled much with her diet growing up as a kid, as well as an adult. In the process of exploring and trying numerous types of dieting pills, diets, and obesity clinics. Desperately struggling and doing everything she possibly can to lose weight she gave her best hope for the clinics to aid her in losing the weight that she needs to lose. Jean tried the dieting, but still find herself getting off track with her late night cheat meals, making her feel embarrassed as she went to the meetings to discuss her progress. It was then when she got the idea to get a few of her overweight friends together and discuss dieting tips amongst themselves, since they all were trying to lose weight. From there on she began to get more recognition as a way to lose weight because it actually worked for her, losing about 70 pounds. From there on she recruited family and opened Weight Watchers on May 15, 1963; making the company 53 years old. Originally Weight Watchers was a service where they would listen and advise clients to life a healthier lifestyle, providing them with dieting tips ensuring to keep them motivated to lose weight. They had monthly meetings where their clients met face to face weekly to discuss the challenges they face. Currently, Weight Watchers still provides the service of friendly, no-judgement criticism to their clients, allowing them to be motivated through weight loss, but also sell products as…

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