Essay on Jean Jacques Rousseau And The Enlightenment Era

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The Enlightenment Era consisted of numerous changes in politics, philosophy, and government. France had always been ruled under kings and his supporters, however, the common citizens grew impatient with this form of government and started questioning whether or not it was the best style. Jean Jacques Rousseau greatly impacted the changes in government during the Enlightenment Era. Rousseau, like the other philosophes, pushed to benefit the social and political power of the common citizen. He argued that the individual freedoms and the right and ability for people to govern themselves were natural rights that should be practiced by the people. By criticizing the French society and government, Rousseau inspired changes of individual freedoms and rights. These changes later sparked the desire of other nations’ future revolutions.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1712 and grew up with a rough childhood. His father raised him after his mother died of delivery complications while she gave birth to Rousseau. After he lived with his father, Rousseau changed locations and and jobs often. First, he apprenticed a man who engraved sculptures and writings into slabs of stone and metal. While he worked with the engraver, he converted to Catholicism. In his later years, Rousseau moved to Paris, France and became interested in music. He taught music or transcribed the music of other musicians. In 1750, he studied the current philosophical beliefs and political…

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