Essay on Jean Bergson And Gaston Bachelard

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Time is very subjective in terms of how we experience it. To a bored student time can seem endless and the clock ticks away, second by second each taking a lifetime, as we grow older time passes by more and more quickly to the point that find that fond memories that feel as if they were yesterday were days, months , even years ago. Not only is the perception of time divergent for different people, it also evolves as we do, as our lives and situations change so does our view of time. It is based upon our awareness or consciousness. In French philosophy they use their senses to describe and explain how we perceive nature and the world around us. Henri Bergson and Gaston Bachelard both see time in a differing lens, in an polarized way they adhere to opposite sides of the spectrum, they each tried to explain it on their own terms and through their own experiences, but their different views are contrary to each other. Bergson sees time as a continuous flow of motion, he uses experiences through time to explain the world as a complete whole. Bergson starts with an idea, that all of the world is connected though time. Each part is melded together with the next leading to one continuous flux that is the basis for time. For Bergson he sees no end or beginning but just parts of infinite design that simply keeps going, an infinite loop of sorts. Bergsonā€™s view is through and through metaphysically based, either it is in its infinite nature or the magical way we can sense the flow of…

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