Jealousy By William Shakespeare 's Othello Essay

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Jealousy is part of human nature. Jealousy can destroy people just as quickly as it can make them rise to the top. As genius Mary Baker Eddy said, “Jealousy is the grave of affection.” This quote and jealousy relate to the play Othello by William Shakespeare because in the play the main character, Othello, is ridden by jealousy as an evildoer, Iago, tries to convince Othello that his wife, Desdemona, is cheating on him. As Iago plants his seeds of suspicion in Othello and his jealousy grows stronger and stronger, until he kills his Desdemona. When he finds out that Desdemona did not even cheat on him, he kills himself with guilt. In the end it is Othello 's own jealousy that brings him down. Through a series of mishaps and by Iago manipulating him, Othello 's jealousy strengthens and eventually leads to his demise.

Othello’s jealousy is not driven by evidence, but by suspicion. He does not have any proof of Desdemona cheating on him, just suspicions that Iago planted in him. This is reflected when Desdemona and her friend, Emilia, (who is also Iago 's wife) is talking to Desdemona about Othello 's recent outlash against her. In their exchange we read,
“Desdemona: Alas the day, I never gave him cause!
Emilia: But jealous souls will not be answered so
They are not ever jealous for a cause
But jealous for they are jealous. It is a monster begot upon himself, boring on itself Desdemona: Keep that monster for Othello 's mind” (3.4.176-184) When Emilia refers to jealousy as a…

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