Essay Jealousy : A Real Or Imagined?

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Jealousy is defined as a negative emotional reaction to a real or imagined threat to a relationship. We’ve all experienced it at one point or another during our life. As a child, we may have had the “green-eyed monster” when we felt that someone was trying to “steal” our mom’s attention from us. As an adolescent, we may had experienced jealousy when we saw our crush talking to another girl. As an adult, we may had experience jealousy when we notice that our partner/husband has a pretty co-worker.
Jealousy occurs whenever one individual feels as if something/someone is threatening the relationship. The threat can be real or imagined, as I mentioned before. An example of a real threat would be like seeing your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend moving on with someone new. As for an imagined threat example, it would be like when one recognizes that their girlfriend/boyfriend has a close friend (of the opposite sex) whom they have a lot more in common with.
An individual can experience two types of jealousy. The two types of jealousy are emotional and sexual. When an individual experiences fear of losing their loved one by them becoming emotionally attached to someone else, it’s emotional jealousy. When an individual fears that they may lose their loved one from them becoming sexually attracted and/or involved with someone else, it’s sexual jealousy. An individual can experience both types of jealousy.
Research shows how there’s three groups of people who are likelier to experience…

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