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Executive Summary
Client: JCPenney Target audience: Females age 25-34 Challenge: Develop a $100 million proposal for a national, fullyintegrated marketing campaign to run February 2012 to February 2013, designed to increase market share among females 25-34 years old.

With this campaign PARA will not only increase shopping frequency and grow share of wallet among current female customers ages 25-34, but will compel women to choose JCPenney for every first impression.
Through PARA’s research, critical analysis and understanding of the company, market, target audience and media, PARA has created a fully-integrated marketing campaign that will guarantee new female JCPenney shoppers age 25-34 as well as re-create loyalty among female
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JCPenney has established a name, identity and relationship with consumers for over 100 years. JCPenney must generate awareness, loyalty and sales among woman ages 25-34 and brand themselves in a way that will retain their business and loyalty. JCPenney must also increase the shopping frequency and grow the share-of-wallet among current female consumers within the proposed age demographic. Through the use of advertising and successful brand cognition among female consumers, JCPenney must appeal to these individuals in every aspect of their lives, including but not limited to family dynamics, jobs, and education lifestyles.

Primary Research
Between all of our gathering tools, we collected

Our Primary Research was conducted using a mixture of man-on-thestreet interviews, Survey Monkey Surveys, and Facebook questionnaires.

We utilized the responses that we got from these 104 women to not only get a better idea of our target market, but also to get a better of idea of what was important to JCPenney’s target market when they went shopping. How are important are the following items when you shop? gathered from our SurveyMonkey Survey
Quality of Products Price Location of Store Variety of Brands Store Layout Exclusive Brands
0 1.25

2.58 2.50

respondents within our target market of 25-34 year old women

from our questionnaires & SurveyMonkey Survey

Where do

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