Essay on Jazz History Concert Report On The Concert

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Jazz History Concert Report

The date of the concert was October 5, 2016 and the title of the concert is “Experimental Improvisation with: Kjell Nordeson & Peter Kuhn”. The concert was performed in Mesa College Music building. Peter Kuhn had three instruments with him a bass clarinet, saxophone, and a Bb Clarinet. He used the bass clarinet and the saxophone during his first piece, and the clarinet on the second piece. Kjell Nordeson was on the drum but had a lot of instruments with him. Sometimes he would play the drums as a drums set but sometimes he would put some sort of objects on top of the drum to create different sound effects. He also had a small glockenspiel and a flexatone. The concert hall was very simple, had a sound-reflecting wall right behind the performers and seat arranged towards the performers. The hall is a music school orchestra playing room and the chairs are movable. Most of the audiences were students from the music departments and some of their friends. However, few of the audience were from other departments. The style of jazz was experimental fusion jazz, but focused much more on the experimental side of the music. Because the concert was about improvisation, the two performers played two different “jams” (around 20 minutes each), so there are no titles or composers for the music. If I had to say composers the two performers are the composer, and they are composing the music as they are playing it. It is the first time the players are playing…

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