Jay Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Do you ever feel as if people are judging you based on action rather than getting to know you and understand the reasons behind certain actions?
This is the life of a man by the name, Jay Gatsby. A man whose actions caused people to view him in a negative way, and
This Paper is about a man named Jay Gatsby who people saw as a rich man who only cared for himself. Throughout the paper you will come to realize that Jay Gatsby was a good man, who was just a bit misunderstood. Some people believe that Jay Gatsby was a man who cared for nothing but himself. People assumed that he was just another man who inherited his wealth through family riches. Seeing that he threw the wild and lavish parties whom pretty much everyone in the city attended uninvited. Those people were wrong.
In the beginning of the novel Nick Carraway, another major character in the book, and the book 's narrator, said that Gatsby stood for everything that he was against.
This Detail is very significant because, this is what Nick Carraway says before he has even had the chance to come face to face with Gatsby himself. He makes this statement based on the things he has heard about Jay Gatsby, the things people who also have yet to meet him say.
Nick Carraway made this assumption before even meeting Jay Gatsby himself. Who’s to say that everyone who influenced this assumption didn’t do the exact same thing that Nick Carraway did, which is assume something that they may know absolutely nothing about. At the…

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