Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why

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The author of the book is named Jay Asher. He was born in California on September 30, 1975. He grew up with his family, his family supports all of his interests from playing instruments to his writing. He went to Cuesta College. He published only one book, Thirteen Reasons Why, was published on October 2007 and he is currently working on his second novel. Jay Asher got the idea for Thirteen Reasons Why at a museum. While he was taking an audio tour, he was struck by the eeriness of the voice of a woman who described exactly what he was looking at, but wasn’t there. This book received five stars from Teen Book Preview and also won several. The genre of this book is young adult fiction. Thirteen Reasons is a New York best-selling novel. Thriller-like, …show more content…
Inside the package, he discovered cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, a girl he had a crush on and also his classmate the girl who died two weeks earlier. While he was listening to the tapes he learned that there are Thirteen Reasons Why Hannah decided to end her life. The setting of the whole story takes place in the small town where Clay Jensen lives. The tapes guided him. He used the map from Hannah and visited the places that were important to Hannah’s story. The theme of the story is death, guilt and blame, respect and reputation, betrayal, sex, violence, choices and love. Thirteen Reasons Why has saved lives. The book saved lives by touching teens who are with the same situation with Hannah. Teens who are suicidal. I recommend this for the teens, this can be an eye opener. It teaches about the effects of suicide can have on some people, the consequences of doing nothing, the power of one person to affect a person’s life. The message of this book is beautiful. I also recommend this book for people who loves to read mysterious and thrilling

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