Jaws Suspense Analysis

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Jaws is an American thriller/suspense that falls into human fears, the fear that people sometimes even do not know they have it until they face it. That blockbuster describes the summer story that turned into disaster and put a fear in a lot of people because of water, but more because of its habitants. So to what genre actually Jaws relates to? A lot of sources describe film Jaws as a thriller and a lot as suspense, however it has the features of both genres. What is a thriller? Thriller is a genre that is characterized by the feeling and mood that it gives the viewer, for example feelings of anxiety or suspense. Generally, thriller has an unexpected plot, through which viewers are sitting on the “edge of their seats” and worry about …show more content…
Talking about Jaws as a thriller we can say that there are definitely the elements of it in the movie, as when you are watching the movie you feel the anxiety and stress on how the sharks attacking the people and through all the movie there are a lot of death. Another element of the thriller in Jaws is that there are a lot of moments in attacking that make the viewer be in tension and be thrilled. All the time the characters are very stress that makes you feel stressed as well. The fact that the characters are often in unfamiliar enviroment and in danger would be another reason for fear. When talking about Jaws as a suspense, we can say that characters there is all the time in fear and it makes the viewer to be in fear as well. Also another factor that adds the suspense to movie is that characters there cannot receive help, the environment they are in and basic situation (like it was in the boat in the middle of the sea, without radio and without any help). Another aspect of the suspense in the movie is the music. It is not because the music reflects the elements of danger, but because the sound builds up from being slow to getting every time faster and faster, the closer the shark is, the faster music gets. The premise is also the factor of suspense, as during the whole movie you can see only the fin of the shark and only in climax part when there is a battle between the shark and a group of people, you may see the whole shark. Another filming technique is when the shark attacks, it filmed from the side of the shark point of view and there can be seen people whom shark is going to attack, it adds a suspense as people that are swimming do not know that the shark is coming to them. So all in all we can say that Jaws is the combination of thriller and suspense that have both its elements and cover all it's

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