Nt1330 Unit 7 Assignment

Discussion assignment unit 7
According to the definitions in the unit, “Java graphical user interface programming (GUI) involves two packages”: the original abstract windows kit (AWT) and the newer Swing toolkit.
Swing components have the prefix J to distinguish them from the original AWT.
For example . JFrame instead of Frame. And to include Swing components and methods in your project, you must import the:- java.awt.* java,awt.event.* and javaax.swing.* packages.
The java GUI top-level Displayable frames containers which interface with the operating system’s window manager are: - JFram, JWindows, JDialog, and JApplet.
JPanel, JOptionsPan, JScrollPane and JSlitPane are all None-displaying content panes are intermediate containers.
Containers are GUI controls that are used to hold and group other widgets such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, et al. in. NET the main UI, called the windows Form, holds the controls that are dragged and dropped onto the control surface.
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In addition, in Swing, there are three kinds of windows, which are called the Applet, the Dialog, and the Frame. Interface with the windows manager. In swing, a frame object is called a JFrame. A JFrame is considered the top most container. These are also called displayable frames.
Non-displaying content panes are intermediate containers such as JPanel,JScrollPane, JLayerPane, JSplitPane and JTabbedPane which organize the layout structure when multiple controls are being

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