Jasper Jones Essay

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On the AMC hit television show, Mad Men, the main character Don Draper spoke very powerful words when he said, “People tell you who they are but we ignore it, because we want them to be who we want them to be.”. The main character of the novel written by Craig Silvey titled, Jasper Jones dealt with the troubles of, as Don Draper said, people ignoring who somebody is simply because we want them to be who we want. Set in 1965 in a small West Australian town called Corrigan, main character, Charlie Butkin is faced with the fear of being drafted into war with Vietnam and seeing his friends treated poorly by others because of racism. The novel kick starts, however, when Charlie is interrupted by Jason Jones tapping on his window asking Charlie …show more content…
However, even after this game Jeffery still experienced racism when his garden was destroyed by a group of men and Jeffery got ganged up on and was beaten.
The climax of the novel comes when Eliza tells Charlie that Laura had not been murdered, but she had in fact committed suicide. When Laura was alive, she would be absued and raped by her drunk father and this in addition to Laura thinking Jasper had left her pushed her over the edge. The inscription on the base of the tree that read “Sorry” was not Old Man Jack Lionel as they had thought, but instead was Laura as an apology for committing suicide. This comes as a huge surprise in the novel because Laura was not murdered as Silvey had led the readers to believe through the story. The characters also noticed in this point of the story that our world leads us to believe someone is who they are based off stereotypes and other forms of judgement.
Following the climax, Jeffery was finally given the chance to show his true skill in cricket and his popularity with the city had sky-rocketed. Instead of being seen as the Vietnamese kid, he was respected as a skilled cricket player. Charlie and Eliza had officially become a couple after all of the experiences they shared with each other. The boys also learned that the rumors of Mad Jack killing Jasper's mother were false, but he was too afraid to speak out

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