Essay on Jasper Jones By Craig Silvey

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The Novel Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey revolves around a thirteen year-old boy named Charlie Bucktin living in the small Australian town of Corrigan in the 1960’s. After Charlie’s inciting incident; being led to the hanging body of Laura Wishart by the town outcast Jasper Jones, his journey of self-discovery commences. He begins to realise and question the harsh reality of everything around him, including but not limited to the racial prejudice in which Corrigan embraces. Characterisation via structural juxtaposition, first person narrative point of view, imagery and symbolism are used throughout Jasper Jones to create a Bildungsroman novel that positions readers to question their values, attitudes and the values and attitudes of society, alongside Charlie as he comes of age and questions his conventional notions of what is right and wrong.

The structural juxtaposition of characters Charlie Bucktin, Jasper Jones and Jeffrey Lu throughout Jasper Jones positions the reader to compare and contrast values, attitudes and beliefs represented by the characters as to observe Charlie’s innocence develop into experience. Initially, readers are introduced to the physical and attitudinal differences between Charlie and Jasper as well as their relationship dynamic, “I’m excited but afraid…this is Jasper Jones and he has come to me.” Charlie idolises Jasper; he is the self-reliant, assured, independent, leader – everything that Charlie wishes he could be. After being introduced to the…

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