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Assignment 2 – Case Study

1. Explain how the concept of nature versus nurture may assist Jarrod to understand his personal history.

By explaining the nature versus nurture theory to Jarrod I would hope to help him understand on a very basic level that history often repeats itself. I would endeavor to help him realise that his own behaviour throughout his life, is directly linked to the behaviour of his mother and his father.
Some theorist believe that who we are, who we become, is predetermined by nature. They believe that we are born this way as it is in our genetic makeup. That it is not only our hair colour or facial features that resemble our parents but also our intellect and personality. If it is all down to nature, Jarrod
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Using Maslow’s theory to summarise Jarrod’s life, I can see that as a very young child his physiological needs were often not met. He was frequently left without food and you might also assume that he was left without the means to keep himself warm or to sleep in safety due to the absence of both of his parents in the evening.
His need of safety and security also remained unsatisfied as both aspects were frequently compromised. His family life was unstable, including the presence of an alcoholic, abusive father and his frequent exposure to acts of domestic violence.
His need of belonging and love was unfulfilled due to his first two sets of needs not being met regularly. It would also be very difficult to develop a sense of being love and belonging in a home with an absent mother and abusive father.
As his basic needs were not being met during his childhood, it would be difficult for Jarrod to focus on his place in life. He would also suffer from very low self-esteem.
Assuming that Jarrod now has a home where he feels safe and the means to feed and clothe himself, I would be concentrating on helping Jarrod move towards finding his place in the world.
He is asking questions like “Where do I belong?”. This indicates that he is in the need of love and belonging. I would focus my counselling around establishing where Jarrod sees his future,

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