Jaquar 4 M Study Essay

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Promotion involves creating awareness about the brand and informing the customers about the products and the value on offer. As any other step in the marketing mix, promotion too is of paramount importance. Jaquar has always recognized promotion as a very important and effective component of their existence. They have always been proactive and ahead of their competitors when it comes to marketing and promoting their products.
Traditionally bath fittings and taps were low involvement products. Most of the products that were in the market where basic products and had little differentiation and devoid of any dash of aesthetics. The reason behind this was usually the bath fittings are purchased towards the end of the house
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The brand has a pan – India presence and has also some interests in a few African, Middle Eastern and Pacific countries. It has a comprehensive mechanism to reach out to all its potential customers. The company has ensured that its product range is always available with the retailers and that the customers never complain about the lack of product availability.

Dealers: The Company has divided the entire country into different territories on the basis of sales and geographical areas. There is no overlap i.e. a region is served only by one dealer and no other dealer can take the order from a region that is not defined under their own territory. This reduces the chances of conflicts and makes the channel more effective and improves coverage. The dealers are responsible for the retailers under their zone.

Retailers: The retailers get their stock from the dealer of their region. The retailers place their requirements with the dealers who collect the cumulative demand of their territories and place the order through the MIS system of Jaquar. Retailers are an important cog in the entire process as it is the point of purchase which the customer visits and where the orders are placed after viewing the product.
Customers: They are the final link of the entire chain. They either go to the Orientation Center of the retailer in order to view the products and place their orders.
Our View
The company’s distribution channel is unique and impressive. Although

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