Racial Group Analysis: Japanese Immigrants

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I have chosen the Japanese for my racial group analysis. I chose them for the sole reason that

they are the fewest Asian group in number here in the U.S. The history of Japanese immigrants

is not so different from other immigrants such as the Chinese. There are some well known

stereotypes and racial slurs about the Japanese that are, in fact, quite absurd. While there aren’t

many Japanese Americans, compared to other Asian groups, they still have a large impact in our

society. Japan was, in a way, introduced to the U.S. in the 1860’s as that is when shipping

opened up for their country to bring over labor workers and immigrants to America. In 1868, an

American businessman, Eugene M. Van Reed, shipped a large group of Japanese
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“Anti-Japanese agitation on the West Coast eventually led to the termination of

Japanese immigrants to America in 1924 and harsh restrictions on Japanese entry to Canada in

the previous year.” Japanese immigrants were treated the same as any other immigrant; with

hatred and ignorance. The country itself faces several social problems. One of the most

important social problems in Japan revolves around the view and status of women.

Women are said to receive the same social rights and opportunities as men based on Japanese

law, however, the ratio of men to women in four-year universities is embarrassing to say the

least. While the Japanese constitution explicitly forbids discrimination based on sex, women still

fail to receive the same luxuries as men. Another advantage men have over women is

employment opportunities as well as promotions within a company. There have been efforts

made to increase women’s opportunities in the business world, which have encouraged many

women to make accomplishments in furthering their careers. However, there is still a constant

belief that women should stay home to be wives and mothers, which has remained ever present

in Japan. This belief deters women from being anything other than a stay-at-home mom.
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Although this has always been the case, there has been a steady increase in

Japanese-Americans in the past ten year

This graph shows a rough sketch of the next twenty years with a slight increase of how many

Japanese people will continue to migrate or be born into America. This information shows that

Japanese people will still be minorities in 20 years. However, it appears as though they will

continue to migrate over and grow larger in number over the next few decades. In conclusion it is

safe to say that there are several different views on Japanese Americans, some good some bad.

They have a very diverse culture filled with many things that may be seen as odd to us, but then

again all cultures are a bit odd to the outside observer. There are several stereotypes that are

ridiculous and several that are accurate. Most were just plain stupid. As long as there continues

to be a constant flow of Japanese immigrants we will continue to learn more about their culture

and history. Although they will never be a majority in the U.S. unless something changes in the

near future, they are still a prominent culture in our society.

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