Essay on Japanese Popular Culture And Traditional Culture

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For a state, power is one of the important element for government to manage. Power is “the ability to achieve one’s purposes or goals.” Power can be used in various ways not only in politics field but also in general domain. However, after the post-war era, power such as the use of army is being used fewer. In fact, state still has a power to control people over certain territory but for the ability to control across the border, coercion is not the best method. Nowadays, state tend to move on an alternative way of controlling other state by using the power of attraction though cultural element so-called soft power which will delve into detail in the following paragraph. This essay will focus Japan as a case. Japan is a country where it is full of economic success and abundant culture. Japanese culture including popular culture and traditional culture are very unique not only within Asia countries but also among western countries. Japanese popular culture such as manga (comic books), anime (animation), and video games, play a crucial role in representing Japanese national image and attracting overseas attention. Therefore, it comes to the research question “To what extent does the Japanese government use Japanese pop culture as a means of soft power?”. Capital? In this essay, the definition of soft power will be addressed more clearly. Next, it will examine the reason why Japanese government use soft power and in what ways did Japan use it. Then, the explanation of “Cool…

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