Japanese Internment And Japanese Americans Essay

1831 Words May 18th, 2016 8 Pages
“Let our slogan be for British Columbia: No Japs from the Rockies to the seas” (CBC News, 2001). Japanese Internment commenced on the 24th of February, 1941, and lasted until the 31st of March, 1949, During these years, Japanese Canadians were cruelly mistreated while under the suspicion that they were all enemy aliens after Japan attacked Pearl Harbour on December 7th, 1941. The inequality faced by Japanese Canadians caused great divisions in Canadian society and effected the lives of thousands of innocent people. In Canada, Japanese internment was set in place through the laws set by the Canadian Federal government, and the discrimination perpetrated by white Canadians. These tactics were used to oppress Japanese Canadians to such an extent that it affected their lives years after. Throughout the duration of Japanese internment, Japanese Canadians faced unspeakable hardships and discrimination at the hands of their government and fellow Canadians. Many people justified Japanese internment, believing it to be a way to protect their country from ‘enemy aliens’. However, discrimination against Japanese Canadians originated long before internment occurred. Firstly, many white Canadians were hostile to Japanese Canadians long before internment originally occurred. Politicians in British Columbia often spoke of the Japanese in a way some people found similar to how the Nazis would have spoken about the Jews. Escort Reid stated, “When they spoke I felt in that room the…

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