Japanese And Japanese School System Essay

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In the Japanese school system, it is the goal of teachers to educate all students equally and treat them as identical. This is accomplished through creating an environment in which students feel connected and responsible for fulfilling their established roles in the classroom or around the school. This group-oriented academic structure, mainly used in elementary schools, encourages the establishment of a sense of obligation to a student’s peers, which is the foundation of the idea that Japanese identity is defined by social obligations and links to others. This can be seen in the elementary school activities involving the rotation of roles for lunch helpers and room cleaners.
At all times, the Japanese “I” is involved in a large web of relationships. Despite the positive notions that this structure might have, this particular aspect of Japanese education does not bode well for all Japanese people. Ijime is said to stem directly from the structure of schools in Japan, because students are under constant pressure to conform and carry out their expected duties to their peers and their teachers. While elementary school encourages group-structured learning and responsibility, it is when students reach the middle school that they begin to realize that the idea of equality among students is a lie. In order to be accepted into a good high school, students must get a good score on the entrance exam for the school. The change of group-oriented setting in elementary school to an…

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