Essay on Japan 's Political System Of Japan

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Traditionally, Japan has been maintaining a close relationship with East Asian countries geographically close , the West , including diplomatic and blisters all over the world since the Meiji Restoration. There Japan has established a friendly relationship with countries around the world and is currently Japan 's most important diplomacy and an ally of the United States (see the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan ). According to the signed treaty after World War II Japan has stationed troops and by 2006 the United States was the largest trading partner of Japan. But the Cabinet and after the US-Japan relationship is going Toyama various friction
Japan 's political system has adopted a constitutional monarchy that is incompatible with the constitutional monarchy of the Emperor . The current in the Constitution of Japan Emperor " is a symbol of Japan that position is placed based on the total of the Japanese people ," he stipulated , and 62 The Constitution establishes only act on national history. It is to be in accordance with the advice and approval, the responsibility of the ministry 62 to appoint the officers of the prime Minister and Cabinet or authenticate its credentials accordingly , to appoint a Supreme Court minister , convened by the National Assembly and the Constitution the Emperor of Japan to revise the laws and decrees, such as those that fear the treaty is involved in state affairs is greatly limited .

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