Japan 's Impact On Japan Essay

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Understanding Japan Did Japan make the right or wrong decision when they attacked the United States? This was definitely the turning point in Japan’s history of its long political and military control. What most do not know are the events, which led to Japan’s attack to the world 's most leading country in mass destructive weapons. Due to Japan’s history, the local community continues to show tension between Americans presence. Japan’s history began in the year 13,000 B.C., known as the Jomon Period (Militarism). This primitive era prominently consists of pottery, hunters, and anglers. Following the Jomon Period is the Yayoi Period (300 B.C to 300 A.D.), where Japanese began to evolve within its agriculture and social structure. The Kofun Period (300 to 538) was when Japan had grown politically and an Emperor was prominently the ruler of Japan. By this time, Chinese and Korean practices had begun to shape Japans religious and education system. During the Nara and Heian Period (710-1185), Japan underwent a political shift due to its single hierarchical family demanding unprecedented taxes from Japanese families. This caused the rise of the Samurai by the locals for protection of the government. This period consisted of wars within Japan’s leadership to gain sole supremacy over Japan. During this time, Japan changed previous learned practices, such as Buddhism and Chinese writing, into a Japanese way of life (Militarism). The Kamakura Period (1192-1333) was…

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