Japan 's Criminal Justice System Essay example

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I will be discussing Japan’s criminal justice system. I will be addressing the law enforcement, courts, and correction workings of their criminal justice system. I chose Japan because I believed that it would be interesting to learn more about how their criminal justice system works. It is important to look at other countries criminal justice systems so that we can compare them to our own to see if we need to make improvements or if we can help to improve others. Japan 's legal system is based on civil law. They were influenced by Prussia and France legal system models. After World War II, the United States introduced judicial review to Japan through the Allied Occupation. Japan 's legal system is more closely related to that of other European nations still though. Japan is famous for their community policing. They set up police boxes in neighborhoods so that they can be closer to residents and see more of the residents daily activities and assist them. It allows the police to be able to cope and deal with each individual community and deal with their needs on a closer basis. The Japanese police force aims for prevention and deterrence of crime by being so heavily involved with the communities. The workers in these police boxes work 8 hour shifts. The police boxes usually contain a small kitchen and sleeping area for officers that are on duty but not on watch. In some small communities, one police officer may be assigned to cover the area unlike bigger areas where…

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