Essay Japan Vs. Japanese Culture

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When it comes to dating it is never easy. Dating can almost be seen as a puzzle, each person has certain qualities they would like their significant other to have, However, a person might not get their ideal puzzle prize because, while that person might have that one great quality, but they might also have that one great flaw. Each country around the world has their own routine to dating. Many countries may assume what the dating culture is like in a different country based on their film and television. That has shown itself as inadequate source, while giving different countries certain stereotypes. American and Japanese cultures are quite distinct given their different points of views in dating still, a change in cultural society for both these countries has made their divided standards come into one, in present day.
Japanese culture has its own unique routine and rules when it comes to dating different from those in the American culture. To begin, according to Chris Kincaid in an article for Japan Powered Dating and Marriage in Japan, Japanese culture has a long approach to dating which is often referred to as slow in Western cultures, because of the lack of intimacy the Japanese display. Such actions of public display include hand holding and kissing. These kind of displays are wildly common in the United states, but are seen as tacky to the Japanese culture. However, in the Japanese culture before two people can acknowledge a relationship and show intimacy they first…

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