Japan Research Paper

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Japan
Albert G. Rodriguez
Liberty University

Japan is very similar and very unlike the US. It was amazing to research so many different aspects of one country. The major elements of this country are its culture and how these affect the country itself. How the people process these elements is very important and this is how the Japanese culture develops. From here we move on to see how this compares to US. We look to see how the US compares in their culture when brought next to Japan. Finally we will see how the US manager can be an international manager in Japan. This is mainly done through sensitivity to the other’s culture. This
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What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region?
As early as 1998 Japan was known as being more ethnocentric (“my culture is better”) than Europe or the United States (Strucker, 160). Yet the Japanese did not stop there. Many are seeing a trend that shows that Japan is trying to be more polycentric (do it their way) or even geocentric (integrate both cultures) in their business world. In the two later states business is made much easier for all parties, since all are trying to work with the opposite culture for the common goal of business.
Communication is the first major component of the dimensions of a culture. The general rules of communication with internationals apply to the Japanese culture. Japanese culture tends to be a high context culture. These types of communicators leave a portion of their message to be interpreted through context, or nonverbal clues. They are also a synchronic culture they see the past, present and future as a mix. There is no “next thing on the agenda”; they are long-term viewers in their planning and communications. It is also interesting to note that the Japanese culture is the least acceptable of emotional reaction in communication. (Kinsey) Religion (or lack of it) is important in every country. In Japan there is a freedom of religion. Yet at the same time there is a state religion:

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