Why Did Japanese Attack America

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December 7th, 1941 should be a date that all Americans recognize. It was the day Japanese fighter planes bombed Pear Harbor. This event let the United States to enter World War II and declare war on Japan the next day. Not many people know why Japan attacked our country; all they can remember are the atrocities, which Japanese caused on that day. The political agenda of Japanese leaders during this time was against all that our country stood for: peace and democracy around the world. America’s main concern was Japan’s invasion of China. The United States feared the Japanese would become a world superpower. So, the United States steadily increased economic pressure on Japan until the Japanese finally retaliated with the brutal and horrific …show more content…
American oil companies in China where one of America’s biggest concerns with the invasion by the Japanese. The state department supported American oil companies like standard-Vacuum that had almost $43 million in investments in China. When the Japanese launched a full-scale attack on China in 1937, the United States and Britain were both ready for war. It wasn’t until Japan forged an alliance with Germany and the axis powers that America started to increase economic pressure on …show more content…
Taking over China was not the answer at the time and it was then brought to America’s attention that China really needed the assistance of the United States. The attack on Manchuria was seen in the eyes of the world as a slaughter of Chinese people, brought on by Japanese forces. America’s interest in China started to rapidly grow, and it was sooner than later they realized that what Japan was doing was not right. Without committing to war, the United States took strategic measure to end the Japanese invasion of China. With the failure of being able to come to a peaceful agreement and the United States steadily increasing economic pressure on Japan, the Japanese finally retaliated with the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl

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