Japan And South Korea Relations Essay

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Japan and South Korea are "close but distant neighbors." This is how their relations have been described for long time. Japan and South Korea are geographically close but it is difficult to say that their relations is good. Japan and South Korea share many common elements such as similar culture, customs, and language, moreover, both nations have same political and economic system. In fact, Japan’s official view of South Korea is “our most important neighboring country”. Meanwhile, South Korean government stated that “Japan and South Korea are important neighbors that are endeavoring together to pursue peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia.” Although both Japan and South Korea acknowledge that they are important to each other, their relations remains difficult and complicated. After they established diplomatic relations in December 1965, the leaders of both nations have tried to improve their relations to maintain regional peace. Despite these effort, the relationship has deteriorated because of their unreconciled views of history and territorial disputes. From ancient time exchanges and trade between the two countries has prospered. However Japan 's colonization of Korea during 1910 and 1945 damaged the relationship, which still causes problems between two countries such as the comfort women issue. Besides, the territorial dispute over the Liancourt Rocks called Takeshima in Japanese and Dokdo in Korean, is also a major source of the fragile tension between…

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