Jap Japanese And Japanese American Culture Essays

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The topic of Week nine is the foodways of Japanese-Americans, and how they differ from Japanese traditions. To learn more about this, we were assigned four readings. The first one, “Japan: Japanese Food”, by Ayako Yoshimura explains the diffusion of Japanese foodways into America. She starts by describing how Japanese people entered the United States, which occurred when the Edo seclusion policy was nullified, allowing people to migrate in order to find work. A large percentage flocked to American soils where they were discriminated against. This continued through WWII, when the Japanese were herded into internment. It was not until the 1970’s that its popularity increased, which Yoshimura suggests is correlated with the intensification of the health-food movement, due to the healthful nature of Japanese food. She then describes the place of Japanese food in American culture, specifically sushi, which she believes is odd for Americans to enjoy. Traditionally Americans dislike raw fish, but sushi has become a fad in the states. She then outlines the differences between American and Japanese sushi culture, noticing that the Japanese are more concerned with the quality of the fish, while Americans wish it to be hidden in a tightly wound up roll. This ties in with our class discussion of the background of Japanese peoples in America. During class there was a long discussion of the treatment of these peoples within the United States, especially as railroad workers, and during…

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