Jap A Issue Of Japanese Education Essay

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Another issue of Japanese education, especially when compared to western countries, would lie in the effects of Japan’s homogenous characteristic of its citizens. While this unique national trait helps bring the country and its inhabitants together as a whole, in schools this tends to take away from individuality, especially when it comes to students that were born differently from the standard Japanese. In an article in The Japan Times, the most popular English-language newspaper in Japan, O’donoghue (2015) says that although differential treatment is not incited in Japan, “by emphasizing sameness they [the teachers] could be instilling conformity and intolerance of difference.” Each student’s uniqueness seems to be taken away due to this accentuation of uniformity. In other countries where there is a stronger emphasis on individualism, such as the U.S., this national conformation would definitely be considered a major issue, since it is as if the school is taking away a part of each students’ distinct, identifying features.
One other major problem in Japan as a result of Japan’s homogeneity and conformation in schools is bullying, specifically ijime, a type of group bullying. As with many other places around the world, bullying in Japan is a result of some type of difference not appreciated by others, and the bullying exacted in this country is on a larger scale than one might expect. Yoneyama (2012) explains how bullying in Japanese schools tends to be group-based, often…

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