Jap A Beautiful And Interesting Country Essay

1396 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
Japan is a beautiful and interesting country. It is also very old country. When it comes to comparing it to America, there is not much that both countries have in common. Not only is the culture different, but so is the government, the problems it faces and their ideals. First and foremost, Japan does not have the same type of government as us. In America, we have a federal presidential republic. In a federal republic, there are partially self governing states or regions with a constitution under a federal government, and the presidential part means that we have a president. Japan has a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. In a constitutional monarchy, there is a king or queen, or in Japan’s case, an emperor. This figure must follow the constitution, they do not pass legislation (laws), and they must remain politically neutral. The two main roles of the emperor are to provide stability and to elect prime ministers. Parliament is when the legislative branch (the branch that creates laws, in America it is made up of the president, the house of representatives, and the senate, in Japan it is the emperor, the House of Peers and The House of Representatives) has supremacy over the other two branches. The parliament is voted in by the people, as is our legislative branch. Japan is also a unitary state, meaning that the central government has complete control over all political divisions. Japan is a very old country. It was founded in 660 B.C, but it was settled at least…

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