Janie 's Definition Of Love And Marriage Essay

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Janie 's definition of love and marriage v. Nanny’s definition. In column 1, give two specific scenes that show their views. In column 2, write a well-organized paragraph in which you analyze why and how their views are different. Be sure to state each character’s view. Use quotes for support.

The first scene that exhibits Nanny’s definition of love is when she is insists on Janie marrying Logan Killicks to Janie’s dismay. In this scene Nanny explains to her granddaughter that she wants her to marry of “decent” and wants her to have a secure and stable future. ( The scene that displays Janie’s definition of love is when she breaks down to Nanny about not having feeling for her now husband Logan Killicks. She talks poetically about how she wants to want her husband.
Janie and Nanny’s definition of love differs a great deal. This is due to their personal experiences, age, and personalities. Nanny the older and wiser of the two is more concerned with Janie having a stable and reliable husband and life “taint logan killicks ah want you to have, baby its protection” (Hurston 15) . The younger, more sheltered Janie’s definition of love is poetic and very romantic. At the start of the novel she is on the verge of naivety when speaking on what she believes love is supposed to be. Nanny who has experienced much more in life believes this unrealistic view of love is the plight of black women and the problem with Janie. Nanny 's view of love is the product of the abuse she has…

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