Essay about Janet Atkins 's Article Reading And Writing

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People in today’s age, especially students, are constantly reading and writing. The internet and social media has made a more connected world. However, as children and students are reading and writing through technology constantly, teachers are forced to prepare their students for standardized test and countless other mandated tests. This inhibits the teacher from helping their students grow as readers and writers (Atkins 12). This is exactly the message that Janet Atkins is trying to send in her 2011 article Reading and Writing with Purpose: In and out of School. Atkins wrote this article to help teachers find new ways of utilizing technology to help students grow as readers and writers. Throughout the article, Janet Atkins uses ethos, logos, and kairos to help make her writing effective.
Janet Atkins is aware that being a teacher will give her more authority than almost any other profession when it comes to helping students read and write out of school, and that is why she establishes her ethos in the very first sentence. “I see it every day in my classroom. There are electronic books (which I allow), cell phones (which I don’t), assorted fiction (assigned and unassigned) and the occasional note-passing in the absence of texting” (Atkins 12). She uses that authority she is naturally given as a teacher to purpose a few ideas that she believes will make it easier for students to be able to read and write in and out of school, not including texting or tweeting. Besides just…

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