Jane's Relationship With Helen Burns Analysis

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Discuss the presentation and significance of Jane’s relationship with Helen burns?
Jane and Helen both have opposing personalities yet are best friends. Jane’s relationship with Helen is very significant as it shapes Jane to be a better person. After the death of Helen she carries and remembers her teachings in the earlier and later stages of her life.
Helen is a student at Lowood School, and becomes Jane’s best friend. There first interaction was when Jane was punished for dropping her slate and was dammed an “Evil” child .Jane’s punishment was to stand on a stool, Helen sneaks her food in the palms of her hand and is described by Jane as an “angel”. Helen has a mature outlook on life and tries to reflect this over to Jane when she is distraught that Mr Brocklehurst has announced to the girls that Jane is a liar. Helen explains to Jane that the “World contains millions” and that
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Brocklehurst evangelical teachings and dislikes how he avoids giving the students at Lowood earthly pleasures; she sees two types of Christianity, an extreme type from Mr. Brocklehurst and a form of Christianity that stresses tolerance and acceptance from Helen. Helen uses religion to strengthen her as a person however Mr. Brocklehurst uses religion to gain control. Jane uses the teachings of Helens perception of Christianity to tolerate the conditions at Lowood and encourages her to think about the afterlife. Before meeting Helen Jane has a very limited perception of Christianity the stigma in the Victorian era was that little girls should behave and accept harsh punishment, this was something Jane could not deal with before meeting Helen, she presents the idea of religious sacrifice. Helen has strong beliefs about Christianity; she believes that sacrifices should be made in this life so that justice can be found in the next. This has a very significant impact on Jane 's attitude to life. While Jane rejects Mr. Brocklehurst form of Christianity she accepts

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