Analysis Of The Arch Android And The Electric Lady By Janelle Monae

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Janelle Monae became an R&B sensation in with the release of her futuristic albums The Arch Android and The Electric Lady. Janelle Monae is still a new rising artist and is growing on a lot of people in the industry and in the community. The way she sing and dance is different and is appealing. The beats and lyrics she use are very catchy and upbeat. When she made the song Many Moons she attached a message about African American history. In the Many Moons ' narrative of an android auction, Janelle Monae represents the human struggle between freedom and oppression. She demonstrates ways that the androids resist oppression because of hope for freedom. In the video the androids are being controlled in many ways like how people have been controlled …show more content…
I think that the ending represents “enough is enough” that so many people were controlling the android and she couldn’t take it anymore. When she was rising in the air it was a sign that she was releasing from the control that everyone had on her, like the auctioneers. The people in the audience was looking very shocked when she was rising. They were in awe and looked confused; maybe they were think how could she break loose from their control. Janelle Monae video related freedom and oppression in many ways. She made a creative way to connect to people about what has been going on for a long time and still is today. Her naming many words about oppression was releasing the bad energy and trying to move on from the control of people. She presented Cindi being free at the end of the video and everyone in the auction was witnessing the greatness. Cindi seemed like the most powerful and the one who was the most fed up with being controlled. She broke free and many of the other androids watched and seemed like they will follow

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