Jane Goodall 's The Shadow Of Man Essay

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Jane Goodall is not only an anthropologist, but she is also a successful author. She has won numerous awards and is acknowledged nationwide for being the first person to observe chimpanzees in their natural habitat. She discovered their behavior up close and also formed valuable relationships with the chimpanzees. In the Shadow of Man Jane starts from the beginning of her success and recounts her first experiences in Gombe, Africa. Jane Goodall begins the story by discussing her fascination with chimpanzees. When she was younger she carried her toy monkey with her everywhere she went, but she never could imagine the life she was destined too. Jane discusses her decision to travel to Africa during her teenage years, and how she raised the money to do so. When Jane arrived in Africa she was lucky enough to study with Louis Leakey. He believed that she was the perfect candidate to research chimpanzees in Tanzania. Jane did not think she was ready, she figured that since she didn’t go to college and was only a young inexperienced girl she was not fit for the task, but Louis convinced her that having someone who was passionate and interested about their studies is the most important factor. Some of her most triumphant expeditions happened at the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve. During her early researches Jane was disappointed because the chimps would run away when she got close. Until Jane discovered the Peak, she did not have a great advantage point to watch the chimpanzees.…

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