The Hall-Mills Murder

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The Hall-Mills Murder
Who knew one of the most weirdest mysteries of the 90’s would be one of the affair with the priest and the choir woman? Reverend Edward Hall was a 41 year old married white man who was cheating on his wife with choir woman Eleanor Mills who was 34. They were sending love letters to each other for the past 2 years. The mystery behind the Hall-Mills murders an be made up in two theories: The pig lady had the gruesome defense and the close family murdered them all. While the death of the cheating priest and choir woman arose, it was likely that it was the most talked about crime for years and still remains an empty mystery today. Although opinions may vary, there are little details where the public’s agree Two bodies were
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The most well-known witness was a lady that owned a pig farm on the land of the scene where she earned her unflattering name (“Hall Mills Murders”). Considering how she was the owner of the land could have stood as self-defense. The Pig Lady had seen 4 people that night including the lovers (Cox, Francis, and Helmer 93). “Her validity as a source of eyewitness testimony was questioned even by her own mother who stood up in the courtroom and yelled that her daughter was a liar” (“Hall Mills Murders”). Her mother was even testifying against her. The Pig Lady had to be wheeled into the courtroom in her deathbed because she had soon caught a deadly disease (“Hall Mills Murders”). Soon after, Jane Gibson was considered a “buffoon” who was off the case (Cox, Francis, and Helmer 93). This is a low possibility of her being guilty but she still went by as …show more content…
Halls. None of them could be backed up for where they were the night of the murders. Although, locals, including Jane Gibson, have been reported seeing Mrs. Halls and her brothers at the tree of the crime scene that night (“ Hall Mills Murders”). Mrs. Halls dodge car was seen also by Jane Gibson, pig lady, parked near the crime scene (Cox, Francis, and Helmer 93). Many speculations were pointed to the wife and brothers. The Mirror had changed that Mrs. Hall, her brothers, and their cousin all did the crime and bribed the witnesses to “contradict their statements” (Kunstler). The public/press has a big role in every trial. Soon later, the police had found fingerprints on the cards that were placed around the body of the half-witted brother Willie Stevens (Cox, Francis, and Helmer 93). This theory is the biggest suspicion. In the final analysis, two prominent theories involving the mystery of the Hall Mills Murders are the pig woman and the close family. The pig woman, Jane Gibson, denied over and over that she had only seen the killers and the victims. Even though the wife and two brothers all had enough speculations to be guilty, they didn’t have enough legit evidence for the arrest. The wife and brothers were all the main topic for everyone but were never tried by the judge. The affair of both the priest and the choir woman had more play of the killings

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