Jane Eyre Essay

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Stephanie Huang
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14 October 2011

“Jane Eyre” – Essay (Rough) Individualism is the process of finding one’s own identity.
Jane Eyre is a well renowned novel written by Charlotte Bront ё about a plain young woman who goes through life in a very interesting way. Taking place in England during the Victorian Era, Bront ё touches upon the life of one who refuses to fill in the social norms set for women. Being very headstrong and intelligent, the heroine faces love trials, especially with one, Mr. Rochester, who becomes her employer. Throughout the novel, Jane struggles to develop her own identity, but is always being repressed by some force. The theme of identity
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While living with Mrs. Reed, Jane’s nature is always repressed. Mrs. Reed attempts to make Jane become more obedient and quiet because she is passionate and it is a fault.
(Brontё 35) Such faults are seen as an embarrassment for a family during that time, and so
Jane’s expressive side is always being discouraged. From the mistreatment and the rejection of who she really is, Jane lives her life wishing for safety, love and acceptance. In the journey to develop what her identity is, Jane willingly enters Lowood Orphan Asylum, a school for orphans. There, Jane meets her first friend, a young girl who teaches Jane a new and faithful viewpoint on life.

Secondly, Jane Eyre’s identity is influenced and shaped through the influence of Helen

Burns. Helen is an orphan child who attends, Lowood with Jane. She is dying of Consumption, also known as Tuberculosis, and sees life in a very spiritual way. Helen explains the teachings of
Jesus to Jane, telling her to “’Love your enemies; bless them that curse you; do good to them that hate you and despitefully use you.’” (Brontё 58) Helen accepts suffering and does not strike back if she is hurt. Her viewpoint on life and suffering is completely different from what Jane has composed and acts as a huge turning point in everything Jane believes in, changing and improving her identity. Helen also helps Jane develop independence from the mindset of praising everything a man says.

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