Jane Eyre Wedding Summary

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Register to read the introduction… Rochester’s wedding things didn’t go as planned. They were expecting to get married and live their lives, but things took a turn and went from good to bad. When Jane and Mr. Rochester are at their wedding, two men arrive telling them they cannot get married. Mr. Briggs the attorney says, “I affirm and can prove that on the 20th October, A.D, Edward Fairfax Rochester, of Thornfield Hall, in the county of -, and of Ferndean Manor, in –shire, England, was married to my sister, Bertha Antonietta Mason, daughter of Jonas Mason, merchant, and of Antonietta Mason, his wife, a Creole, at – Church, Spanish Town, Jamaica. The record of the marriage will be found in the register of that church-a copy of it is not in my possession. Signed Richard Mason.” (308) Mr. Rochester admits to having wife, but he then goes into explaining why no one knows about her. Mr. Rochester states,” Bertha Mason is mad; and she came of a mad family; idiot and maniacs through three generation! Her mother, the Creole, was both madwomen and a drunkard!- as I found out after I had wed the daughter: for they were silent on family secrets before. Bertha, like a dutiful child, copied her parent in both points. I had a charming partner-pure, wise, modest: you can fancy I was a happy man.” …show more content…
Rochester wants to show them why he locked her up. They all go to the third floor to the room no one goes to or even knows about. Mr. Rochester says,” That is my wife” continuing, “Such is the sole conjugal embrace I am ever to know- such are the endearments which are to solace my leisure hours! And this is what I wished to have, this young girl, who stands so grave and quiet at the mouth of hell, looking collectedly after the gambols of a demon. I wanted her just as a change after the fierce ragout.” (312) Bertha has impacted Jane a lot because if this. Jane cannot get married because Mr. Rochester is still legally married. Mr. Rochester does not want to be with Bertha but he wants to make sure she gets the care she need since she is crazy and very much dangerous. He and Jane just wanted to get married and be happy but that all change as soon as her brother came to the wedding. Bertha affects Jane because she was Mr. Rochester was going to be her future and now they cannot move

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