Jane Eyre Paper

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Jane’s Departures

Jane Eyre’s departure from each location throughout the book shows that Jane is lacking something in her life. She mentions how she has been alone most of her life and has never really had much of a family. We are aware of her situation at the beginning of the book and how she lives with her Aunt because her parents had died a while back. The real question is why is Jane not happy and why does she seek to leave Gateshead? I’ve noticed throughout the book that leaving is something that Jane relies on quite often, but the question is why? Brontë creates these similar departures throughout the book when Jane leaves Gateshead, Thorn field, and Moor House. It’s her lack of happiness but most importantly her lack of love
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Brontë expresses Jane’s anger through her actions and her emotions. She emphasizes how strong Jane is though for making such a big decision at such a young age. It’s important to notice Jane’s struggles throughout the book, but also how passionate and strongly principled she is. She continues to see freedom and has a strong conscience, which allows her to move forward after she has hit another roadblock of disappointment in her life. Brontë continues to throw more obstacles at Jane at each new location she travels to.
When Jane arrives at Thorn Field, her contact with Mr. Rochester is rather peculiar, but almost seemed like it was destiny for them to fall in love. When Rochester finally proposes to Jane Eyre, you could tell the sudden change of attitude she has. This is one of the first times in the book where Brontë shows Jane being lighthearted. Finally we think Jane has escaped all her previous woes and is ready to take on a new life with her soon to be husband, but love again seems to be what drives Jane away from Thorn Field. Jane and Mr. Rochester are about to be married, but a sudden halt to the wedding reveals that Mr. Rochester has actually been married for fifteen years to a Bertha Mason, who he keeps locked away in a secret room of his estate. Rochester begs for Jane to stay, but Jane who is in disbelief cannot. We finally saw Jane find love in her life. It seems that her misfortunes continue to follow her. It’s almost like Brontë does not want Jane

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