Jane Eyre Four Themes Essay

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Throughout the entire Novel of Jane Eyre there are many themes that occur. Some small and insignificant that are irrelevant to what’s truly going on and others that would change the entire story if they weren’t introduced or analyzed. Of all of them, four occur the most and are absolutely the most important ones. Those are Entrapment, violence, working for justice, and punishment. Following this further in a more detail depth of point, Entrapment is shown from the very begging of the novel. First couple of minutes, the viewer sees Jane being dragged away, and shoved into a closet were she clearly doesn’t want to be in for she was resisting and trying to escape her faith for the time being. Once she is in the closet with no way out, she …show more content…
When Mr. Rochester bed miraculously sets on fire, it wasn’t just because he let a candle lit up at night; it was an attempt to end his life by no other then Bertha his secret, former wife. She trying to destroy his life for the hatred and madness she has suffered being locked up in her own home. Yet another act of violence she commits is by stabbing no other then her own brother. Yet nobody knows why truly she would stab her own brother, yet she does. The brother is fine and well, but is scared for his sister well being overall. Later, almost to the end, we see Bertha set fire to Mr. Rochester home. As the house is burning, Grace is trying to calm down Bertha and trying to get her to safety, yet as she tries, she is thrown off the stairs by Berthas bear hands. Realizing what she’s done, she looks at Mr. Rochester and with despair in her eyes she jumps to her death head first, almost like superman. Furthermore, unlike the other themes this one is a bit harder to detect, but is noticeable with ease and is preformed actively during the duration of the novel. When Helen Burns takes off her bonnet for Jane so that she may draw her, Mr. Brocklehurst makes Helen feel bad for having red long curly hair. Jane in defenses of Helen tells him that they had not reason for them to try and hide their hair for that is how god had made them. Jane tries everything in her power to try and make everything right, but fails for the old man can’t get it through his

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