Jane Eyre Diary Essay

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Written Task 1 Jane Eyre
I have decided to write my Written Task 1 as a diary based on the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Born on 1816, Charlotte was one of the many Brontë sisters. She was raised by her stern religious grandparents due to the death of her mother and eldest siblings. She then attended a clergy institute. Following this, she earned a living as a governess and a writer and soon after published the highly-critiqued novelJane Eyre’ in 1847 under the pseudonym “Currer Bell” as an autobiography symbolizing her own life to that of the main character, Jane Eyre.
I have chosen to write a diary through the point of view of Jane as I am interested in attempting to record her own thoughts and feelings through this
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You, my dearest diary, must be in a state of confusion as to why I think of it as so. I shall explain what transpired in the past hours. Thornfield Hall was in such a state of liveliness. What was once a silent interior was then a house filled with noise and active uproar. Guests had rushed in like an endless high tide. The Eshtons, Lynns and the Dents had come, as well as the great Ingrams. I do not remember the details of what happened during the whole night. However, one event truly gave me a shock! Among the Ingrams was Blanche, whom Mr. Rochester presented to be the woman he plans to marry! How could he have decided to do this? How can a man so rich ever wish to marry a proud, careless and inferior woman as she? It is clear to me that I had grown to love Mr. Rochester ever since the beginning. Though he now wishes to marry another woman, I cannot put him in the blame. I am not able to take back the love that I have for him, but neither am I now able to have him fall in love with me. Throughout their game of charades, what was he doing? He was sitting near Blanche who placed her head on her shoulder. The golden strands of her hair were touching his cheeks so

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