Essay on Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

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The novel Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Bronte, has been recognized on many different levels for the literary feats it reaches and the ways that it challenged the ideals of its time. One of the most recognizable methods used by Bronte in the novel would be her use of “doppelgangers” to show the connections between characters. A doppelganger is someone who is connected to someone else but may serve as a complete opposite to this person, especially in a literary work. Charlotte Bronte uses many examples of doppelgangers in Jane Eyre, one of which would be the character ties between Bertha Mason and the main character, Jane Eyre. Bertha Mason is the legally deranged first wife of Edward Rochester, whom he keeps locked in the attic of the Thornfield Estate. “ As her personality crumbles into a coarse dementia after the first four years of marriage to Edward Rochester, her husband learns too late that she came from a mad family of three generations.” Bertha is often seen as a doppelganger for Jane for many reasons. One of which being the fact that she actually did marry Rochester, which was what Jane had desired, but the marriage between Rochester and Bertha was not for love. Bertha could be viewed as the opposite of Jane due to the fact that Bertha did not make her own decisions, like her marriage to Rochester, which was arranged by her wealthy father. Jane, on the other hand, had been making decisions that she believed would better her own life and stray away from…

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