Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte Essay example

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Throughout time, different genres of books have risen and fallen and all authors strive to write something that can transcend the boundaries of time. Despite the time period in which books may have been written in, some of the best are preserved and cherished many years after they were published. Charlotte Bronte manages to seamlessly appeal to the tastes of the readers in her era as well as the ones for future generations despite the gothic fiction genre becoming less frequent in recent books. In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte uses elements of the gothic fiction genre to help focus the reader on mysterious inheritances which are set in the storyline of having women cast in a man 's world, while presenting villainous characters who threaten Jane throughout her life, all while adding intrigue which distinguish the novel within the genre.

One of the most common elements of gothic fiction are mysterious inheritances which often originate from hidden identities and family secrets; like many gothic fiction novels of the time, Charlotte Bronte incorporates these conventions into her novel, Jane Eyre. One of the things that Charlotte Bronte does brilliantly is how she encompasses these secrets into her novel, revealing pieces of information right from the start about the mysteries of Jane 's family that draws the reader in. One of the first things she reveals about Jane is how lonely she is, despite living with the only relatives she thinks she has left, Jane describes herself as "a…

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