Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte Essay

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Literature is the lengthened shadow of a writer. Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, (1847), to some extent projects the personality of the author, and thus is referred to as her autobiographical account. The personal shadow the writer lurks behind the work.
Jane Eyre is a story of a young girl, Jane, which travels from the days of her childhood at Gates head Hall, through the maturity of adulthood at Fern dean .The writer, portrays the young girl’s struggle among the prevalent social evils of the society. The journey starts as an orphan child, who is filled with the sense of despair and loneliness, living with her aunt Mrs. Reed and her three cousins, who are all indifferent to her. Later Jane is sent away to Lowood Institution, where she receives education but is restricted and contained by harshness of proprietor Mr. Brocklehurst. After completing her education, she serves as a teacher in the same school for about two years.
Now in the next section of the story, Jane is eighteen years old when she proceeds to Thorn field, as a governess of Adele Varnes , the young ward of the master of Thorn field .And confronts series of events in her life, thus experiencing freedom and bondage at the same instance. It is there she falls in love with her employer Edward Rochester. But with the turn of events, she refuses to marry Rochester with accusations of bigamy.
Next, Jane starts for an unknown path, and finds herself hungry and torn at the doorstep of Moor House at…

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