Essay on Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

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Throughout the novel, Jane Eyre composed by Charlotte Bronte, the main protagonist, Jane Eyre, did not strive to abide the social “rules” set in her time period. Taking place back in the nineteenth century, one can imagine how absurd the social standards are. In this time, people were told that if they would happen to go anywhere but up in status, that they would be disowned or looked down upon. The biggest three rules that Jane Broke through the novel include her looks and possessions not affecting her status, the fact that Jane did not marry within the social class in which she was born into, and finally Jane did not stay in the social status she was born into.
In this time period, the majority of people belonging to the higher social class consists of wealthy and beautiful people. Jane Eyre though holds to main objection to this title. One of the societal rules Jane broke throughout the novel involved her not being the best looking person but still ending up in a high status. The appearance and wealth of people determines their status. Back then, only the wealthiest came out on top. Throughout her whole life, people compared Jane to everyone else. Jane’s own aunt treats her unfairly due to the fact that Jane is an orphan living with them and she doesn’t live up to the status of her cousins. Since Jane eventually gets tired of her aunts treatment, she takes a stand. “’I am glad you are no relation of mine. I will never call you aunt again as long as I live. I will never…

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