Jane Eyre and a Tale of Two Cities Comparative Essay

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Samuel Peter Buckelew III
Honors English III
Dr. Williams
September 1, 2011
Summer Reading Comparative Essay
Intro: Many would agree that love is blind, but if this is true how can it have the ability to allow people to see and feel things untouched by other emotions. It has the power to make any given person do extraordinary things, the ability to transform or destroy anybody completely all in one emotion, one thing is for sure, it gives people a greater purpose for existence, a reason to live and die for, something beyond them to devote their life. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë and A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, are two popular, classic examples of love.
Thesis: While both novels have a central theme of love, Jane Eyre
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For a man to except these circumstances is incredible. It is very hard to have to live in these circumstances and that Charles said this before Lucie or Dr. Manette had to shows that he will do anything for her and live however; they have to live to be with her. Even though the men in this novel love Lucie and show their sensitive side to her, Charles Darnay shows the most sensitivity and respect above all of these men. Charles Darnay would do anything for Lucie; even if it may be difficult to deal with, he will do it for her.
Contrast 2: In Jane Eyre, we meet Jane Eyre, who finds her true love to be someone to which whom she is not attracted. Jane is attracted to people who contain the same intellectual capacity as her, and has no regard for those who have only beauty and money to give. After attending an all-girls seminary until she reached the age of eighteen, Jane advertises for a job as a governess, and receives one at an estate named Thornfield. This is where she meets, Rochester, the owner of the mansion, and her true love. When she learns of a dark secret he has been keeping, she flees to another part of England where she meets St. John, a man who she does find good looking, but doesn't like his personality. From here, she returns to Thornfield where she marries Rochester. If Jane had gone through her life looking for beauty instead of someone who shared a mental similarity with her, she never would have found happiness. Jane is attracted to Rochester, even

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