Jane Eyre : A Fairy Tale Essay

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I am certain that everyone can name numerous fairy tales. The most popular ones such as “Cinderella”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, and “Beauty and the Beast” are well known among the young and the elderly with a slight difference due to the various versions. The fairy tales that the elderly know are generally dark and disturbing while the most recent ones are happy and fantasy like. They attract more the little girls who want to be pretty princesses. In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë does not seem to hint towards intentionally comparing her novel to any version of a fairy tale that you have heard of before. However, it is quite easy to find elements of her novel those are similar to “Bluebeard” and “Cinderella”. Brontë shows that Jane Eyre is a fairy tale gone wrong because even if the novel is going in accordance to the typical fairy tale by comparing the concept of a fairy tale to the significance of the characters and the lives portrayed within Jane Eyre along with Jane Eyre conforming to a well-known fable, although surely turns in the other direction when Jane Eyre is shown as a deviation to the norm in terms of the character. Firstly, a fairy tale is a mythical story which is generally told to children and is passed down through generations. Jane Eyre is in accordance to the typical fairy tale in the sense of the significance between “Bluebeard” and “Beauty and the Beast” with Mr. Rochester. “Bluebeard” is a king who murders his wife and hides their bodies in a room.…

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