Jane Austen 's The World Of Pride And Prejudice Essay

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The world of Pride and Prejudice, or for that matter 19th century upper-class England, is a time fueled by social institutions. A time where doing only what is appropriate for your class is vital to your existence. Unless you were in line to inherit land or money, the only “proper” way to advance in this society was to marry someone above you. You couldn’t work your way up the ranks, you had to socialize your way up. Being rejected from the society by not following the strict social rules could have been detrimental to you, and even your family. Civilities and snobberies were an essential part of these people’s everyday life, and from this strict social hierarchy arose a variety of undesirable people and traits. Jane Austen uses over-the-top characters to satirize these types of people.
“A woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages, to deserve the word” (Austen 39). According to Miss Bingley these are the things that a women needs to be truly accomplished. Not education nor the ability to think for oneself, for example make the list of important things for a woman to have. This gives us an amazing insight into the role of women at that time. No one expected women to be anything more than skin deep. The only goal in a woman’s life was to find a suitable husband. The role that women played in society produced a breed of frivolous, silly women with nothing important to do. A prime example of this kind of…

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