Jane Austen 's Society : Social Class Essay

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Jane Austen depicts a society where social class is the most important aspect and explains the different ways member of society can improve in rank such as marriage, wealth, and inheritance.
In this society, the social class is what differentiates everyone in his or her community. Marriage is one of the main ways to uphold a higher status. Although it is uncommon for members to move up in social class, it is not impossible. It is more common for women to advance in class due to their ability to apply manners, have an education, and accentuate their looks (Palmer). Harriot is a member of lower class that is being mentored by Emma a member of higher society. Emma believes that Harriot is capable of maintaining the expectations of higher class. This is Harriot’s way out of lower class and a way to better herself to a well-respected man of a higher class. Jane Austen has portrayed that the only way for a women to get out of poverty is to educate herself and make herself desirable to a wealthy man (Scott- Kilvert 115). Emma believes that the class of which Harriot is from fitting for Harriot’s personality (Magill). Emma has the perception that a man is not worthy of moving up in class, but a women can because a woman is capable of learning how to be proper (Wright). Marriage between different classes are not common, although they are not impossible. As Mr. Knightley has so boldly stated, no good could ever come between mixing the social classes. Although Mr. Knightley is…

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