Essay on Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice

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Jane Austen wrote many different types of literature in her time period. Pride and Prejudice which made its first appearance as a published work in 1813 is one of her most well-known pieces of literature. A unique piece of literature on manners and morals, the novel describes the collision between 5 daughters and their journey to find love. It also incorporates the problems the sisters and their family face. Jane Austen incorporates many different emotions into the novel. Five daughters are being pressured to find love and get married. “‘Enthusiasm’ was something so very superior” (Austen letter 98-1) that Jane Austen felt that it should be incorporated into all of her literature. The spectacular amount of enthusiasm she puts into her literature later allowed her work to be memorable, eventually leading into television shows and motion pictures. However, it is up to debate whether the adaptations of this novel surpass the success of the actual novel. Jane Austen says, “The more I write, the better my eye gets”(Austen letter 17-2) implying that her eyes pick up way more hidden meanings in literature than the normal eye. Her passion for literature inspires her to write and the more she writes, the more experience she gains. She is able to conclude many things from literature much more quickly the more she writes. The novel Pride and Prejudice suggests that true love is impenetrable to the standards of society and can overcome even the most difficult situations. This theme is…

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